A Multitude of Uses

hotel bathroomIn the previous post we highlighted just how much of a major role vanity units have played in modernising bathrooms and giving them a whole new lease of life.

It is as though this simple, yet extremely effective unit provided the platform for further new additions to the bathroom marketplace; which in turn, created the opportunity for an entirely fresh and new design portfolio.


So what makes vanity units so special and why are they an absolute must for the bathrooms of today? As alluded to in the previous post, the reason they are such an impressive product is because they combine design with efficiency.

Storage is certainly an area where people often struggle with in the bathroom and so the introduction of a vanity unit will certainly assist in this area.

Depending on the design, a whole host of different bathroom items can be stored in a collective and organised manner. Some of the best units include slide out drawers, which helps to promote ease of access.

This is especially helpful when one is in a bit of a rush. And let’s face it; the bathroom is always one of the last places to visit before leaving the house in the morning!

Therefore, being able to find what is required in a timely manner is always going to be important. Well with a vanity unit, this is certainly the case.

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