A Multitude of Uses

Beautiful Modern Bathroom in Luxury New HomeIt is fair to say that we have quite easily established just how important the mirror is in a bathroom and have highlighted where they are most likely to be on display.

So just what do people use mirrors for in their bathrooms? It is a fairly straightforward discussion, but one that perhaps highlights even more so; the multitude of uses these helpful products have.

Grooming is an extremely popular reason that people use mirrors and this applies to both male and female. Of course both would use one for slightly different purposes; males more than likely to use for assistance with shaving, hair combing and / general care; whereas females will certainly require a mirror for assistance with their makeup, hair and other grooming activities.

At a push, it would have to be said that grooming would certainly be at the top of the list in terms of being the main reason people use mirrors.

This is perhaps why they are often located above the wash basin as the act of some of the aforementioned activities goes hand in hand with requiring a sink for general cleanliness and waste disposal.

Whilst this discussion could go on all day, we will bring it to a close for now and instead in our next post, highlight some of the different kinds of mirrors that can be purchased and also, discuss the topic of mirror lighting.

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