Add a Decoration

Bathroom detail in whiteNaturally if someone were to ask you your expectations of a bathtub, your responses would most likely be around the topics of the dimensions and relaxation.

And the reason for this is that’s what most people would say given that there is only so much that a bathtub can be used for.

OK there is the odd exception such as those tubs that offer massages and / or additional cleaning options, but it is fair to say that the

majority of people would respond in the ways noted above.

So what if I were to say to you today that you could use your bathtub as a focal point for decoration? After all, the holiday seasons are upon us so what better way to take advantage of this and make our bathtub an actual ornament of decoration?!

The other aspect to consider is that bathrooms are generally not overly spacious, which means homeowners are limited to what they can and cannot do from a decorative point of view.

And so being creative is a vital component to transferring a bathroom area into one of festivities. Choose small, subtle but cute accessories to brighten up your bathtub, and have additional options for when it is not in use.

For example, there are many throw-overs that are normally associated with small tables or chairs.

Instead, be eccentric and use these items for your tub. It will make a great difference and will help create a different look and feel for something that is normally left in its natural state.

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