Add Some Interior

Bathroom in Grey and White ColoursDue to the limitations that the bathroom provides as a result of water being a main element of its functionality, homeowners could be forgiven for keeping things simple.

And this is certainly the way to go when decorating a bathroom as simplicity is the key, and less actually equates to more.

To the more adventurous, however, there are certain additions that can be made that certainly

increase the overall homely feeling of the bathroom; something that many designers are now trying to create within this part of the house.

Designs nowadays are now often reflective of this; they are trying to improve the comfort factor, which is present in other rooms in the house.

And let’s face it, for so long this was not something you could associate with a bathroom! However, times have indeed changed and this is something that we have alluded to in previous posts.

One big statement that can be made is to include some form of interior in the bathroom. Popular choices include a chair, lounger or stool; anything of cloth or leather material that would normally be seen in the living room, hallway, landing area or bedroom.

By doing this, albeit a simple tactic, it really does improve the look and feel of the bathroom and enables it to be considered “comfortable” along with those other areas mentioned above. Go ahead, try it, and see the difference it makes.


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