Adding Scent

Bathroom with a beautiful bathWe have already established that bathing in a bathtub is one of, if not the most relaxing things available to the body.

And to many, simply soaking in warm / hot water is enough to increase this rate of relaxation.

However, over the years there have been many different trial and error processes that have been attempted in order to even further increase the experience.


Bath salts are a common product now used by bathers as they help create a deep and fulfilling scent; something that has been proven to heighten relaxation.

Most of these products also create a misty effect in the water, which too contributes to the added perception of enhanced relaxation.

One of the main products used, however, is actual relaxation bubble baths, which include various ingredients to help combat aches and pains.

Many of these products have also been verified and certified by physiotherapists, something that certainly carries a lot of weight when it comes to the marketing side of things.

Having such assertions in place is very much a unique selling point and it has literally catapulted such products into the mainstream; with many people now turning to them to assist with their muscular injuries and rehabilitation.


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