Almost Christmas

Beautiful golden candles. Christmas eve mood. Selective focusIn less than 7 weeks’ time it will once again be Christmas, which means that any time now, stores will be bombarded with festive related items and accessories for the home.

And apart from the main living room, hallways and landing, the bathroom is the perfect place to install and setup a variety of different accessories!

Bathroom accessories are particular appealing as they can add yet more influence to the aura of the room, which is predominantly used for relaxation.

Ceiling accessories are especially well regarded and fit in line with the Christmas season of snowflakes and the like.

Bath mats and towels are among the most sought after items purchased by homeowners, as they can be used for both decoration as well as their normal uses.


The Christmas season is an extremely colourful one, which enables a variety of options when it comes to decoration.

Candles and lighting are often associated with the bathroom as being pertinent parts of the overall design, and so introducing a Christmas theme to compliment this is very much a common theme.

Red and White are the two complimentary colours, which gives a whole host of buying options when it comes to candles, scents and lighting.

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