An Excellent Feature

11 MV9JTUdfNjcwMy5qcGc=In the two previous posts we highlighted two features that were more geared towards user comfort and enjoyment.

And this was great because it outlined the difference of the contrasting styles that each feature had.

However, we would now like to concentrate on something a little more conservative, less eccentric, but that is a lot more powerful.

It is not anything fancy, it will not increase the levels of enjoyment and it certainly is not something that bathroom users will have desired.

However, it is something that will help reduce cleaning times, reduce germs and provide an all-round better toilet usage experience.

What are we talking about exactly? It is a non-touch toilet seat that activates whenever the motion sensor detects any kind of movement.

So what does this mean for the user? It means that no longer will they have to lift the lid of the seat and it also means much less cleaning will be required!

It truly is a genius function that has so many benefits; many of which cannot be seen, but they are definitely in existence!

Germ production is obviously a very common element to deal with in the bathroom. And in the majority of cases, it cannot be prevented (such is the nature of germs).

However, non-touch toilet seats drastically slash the amount of germs that can be produced at any given time, which means a much better and cleaner usage experience for the user.

For me personally, if I were to choose one toilet feature that I feel is of most benefit to a bathroom, it would certainly be this one.


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