Areas of Note

Depositphotos_15713395_sOK so let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of it all, starting with what area of the bathroom to tackle cleaning first.

Well this is obviously all down to personal choice, but it is fair to say that many people prefer starting with the cleaner areas first; as it then enables them to be conservative with cleaning items such as cloths and rags.

For arguments sake, let us begin with the bathtub; something of a popular area, but one

that due to its very function, does not necessarily pickup as much dirt and grime as the toilet, for example.

Cleaning the bathtub is relatively easy and requires nothing more than a good cleaning solution and a thick cloth.

The main areas to target are the plughole, in and around the taps, and the water line level within the actual tub.

After applying the cleaning solution and wiping away all dirt and any excess debris, a thorough rinse off will then be required.

Often, depending on how the bathtub is setup, there might be a shower hose extension, which is ideal for carrying out the rinse.

One thing to note here is that if cleaned regularly, the bathtub should not necessarily become too dirty and it may seem that on some occasions, cleaning might not actually be required.

However, despite the exterior look of the tub and its surroundings, there will still certainly be germs congregating and being formed; germs that are of course naked to the human eye.

The key then is to make sure the tub is cleaned on a regular basis and make it a task that is part of a regular routine.


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