Cleaning Areas

Depositphotos_1707421_sIf you are following our suggest formation of cleaning the bathroom, you should by now have just finished completing the task of cleaning the bathtub.

And if this is the case, you will now be ready for the next area of focus to be nominated. This area would be the shower; of course, the bathtubs right hand partner.

The shower, however, is not as easily cleansed as the tub as there are more subtle areas to

consider; most notably, the corners of the unit, which are very much a hot spot for germs.

The shower head is also another area where germs congregate and this is down to the fact that varying degrees of water temperature are distributed through this part of the shower.

The one similarity the shower has to the bathtub in terms of cleaning requirements, however, is that the combination of a god solution with a cloth is pretty much all that is needed.

The one addition though is a glass cleaning solution, which should be used at the end of the process to wipe clean the showers’ panels.

This should be done for both sides (outside and inside). Again, special attention should be given to the areas in and around any switches or dials as these are yet another hot spot for germs.

Finally, if you want to be extra clean, there is always the option of cleaning the showers floor surface. Some people don’t quite see the point in doing this, but it is certainly an area worth consideration; and for the same reasons as above (germ congregation).


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