Contemporary design of ‘Victoria-N’ furniture

As we all know the final look of our bathroom depends heavily on our choice of furniture – that’s why we won’t be able to arrange a modern bathroom if we will use retro-style furniture and vice versa: Victorian bathroom for example will not look good with even a single piece of contemporary looking furniture. These are, however, quite radical examples and usually most of us will rather focus on designing and arranging the bathroom in a modern, but comfortable and not very futuristic way, which is reasonable and recommended. One of series of furniture that can be used for such designs is „Victoria-N” manufactured by „Roca”.

Simplistic, but modern style

Victoria-N underbasin cabinet

Victoria-N underbasin cabinet

For a series of furniture „Victoria-N” is quite a large one – whole series consists of thirty-three elements in total and it is highly unlikely that you’ll not find what you need. Let’s look at the series in more detail: the most distinctive feature of „Victoria-N” series is the fact that you won’t find a separate underbasin cabinet among the elements – instead there are available sets in two forms, of which „unik” is smaller and features only base unit and washbasin, while „pack” is larger and consists of four elements: base unit, washbasin, spotlight and mirror. This does not mean that the range of possibilities ends here, because full list of „Victoria-N” furniture series is as follows: four sets of underbasin cabinets with double basins (two „uniks” and two „packs” available in two sizes: 120x46x56,5 cm and 120x46x74 cm) with four or six drawers, four different sets of underbasin cabinets with a single washbasin with two or three drawers (each set consists of four cabinets – two „uniks” and two „packs” available in the following sizes: 100x46x56,5 cm and 100x46x74 cm, 80x46x56,5 cm and 80x46x74 cm, 70x46x56,5 cm and 70x46x74 cm and 60x46x56,5 cm and 60x46x74 cm), one reversible column cabinet with two soft close doors and three internal shelves (size: 35×23,6×150 cm), two reversible column cabinets with one soft close door and three internal shelves (size: 25,3×14,6×110 cm), two optional leg sets for the above listed cabinets, one organizing box (size: 20×9,9×6,5 cm), five hanging mirrors (sizes: 120×1,9×70 cm, 100×1,9×70 cm, 80×1,9×70 cm, 70×1,9×70 cm and 60×1,9×70 cm respectively) and two types of spotlight (2x40W or 1x40W, both installed on the mirror). All elements are simple in form, but comfortable to use and their look is definitely contemporary – thanks to this they can be used in practically every bathroom arrangement. The amount of elements is a guarantee that we won’t have any problems with adjusting „Victoria-N” furniture to our needs and to the size of our bathroom.

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