Counter Top Materials

nice bathroomTo those that have managed to read the previous post on bathroom counter tops, it was quite easy to establish the best material to consider when purchasing.

Of course this was indeed granite, which ticks all the boxes for counter tops; both in terms of functionality, design and efficiency.

And it is also the longest lasting, which is always a big bonus! The only downside was the price, yet this should not put off would be buyers as there is always a deal to be made for raw materials like such.

So with granite being the favourite and leading the pack as far as materials go; what others are worth considering? Well much of this depends very much of two things, these being, design and cost.


What often happens with such things is that if a homeowner would like a very specific design, it may mean that they have to concede certain things in order to get it.

For example, wooden counter tops very much appeal to the eye design-wise for a counter top, yet due this area of the bathroom being one that deals very much with water and liquids, it is easy to see why wood might not necessarily be the choice of many.

Nonetheless, it is certainly a popular choice for some homeowners, who as noted above, are perhaps prioritising the design element of the counter top as opposed to the efficiency or ability to last.

What must be said, however, is that a wooden counter top can look extremely luxurious and there is a lot of flexibility that can be made with the actual design; perhaps more so than with granite?


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