Different Types

There are many different types of mirrors that can be purchased for the bathroom.

For example there are the smaller styles that can rest at the side of the sink, which are very popular given the general space restrictions.

Other popular styles are wall mounted mirrors, which are possibly the most popular as they serve the purpose of providing the most efficient usage.

As well as these options there is also the stand alone mirrors; a style that is becoming more and more popular as years go by.

They are, in effect, a full length mirror, which presents an ideal opportunity for those making use of the unit.

More often than not these types of mirrors are generally found in the bedroom as there is more space.

However, they are now becoming much more popular for buyers who now store them in the bathroom as well.

As noted above the main reason for the lack of mirrors of this kind in the bathroom has generally been because of space restrictions.

Nowadays though with homeowners becoming more creative with their storage, it has opened up space that might not have previously been available.

And so the knock on effect of this is obviously additional space for units such as the stand alone mirror.

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