Doing Without

A mondren bathroomOK so the title of this post may seem somewhat controversial, but let’s try and debate this by weighing up the pros and cons.

The question is this; could you do without a bathtub in your bathroom?

And if so, what would be the alternative measure you would take for bathing?

Well the latter part of the question is fairly easy and simple to answer because there really is only one that can be given; you would take a shower.

And it is as a result of the shower that this post was created. These days with the fast pace at which people seemingly live their lives, taking a soak in the bathtub is something much less common than taking a shower.

As a result of this kind of hectic scheduling, bathing in the morning is now much more common than it ever used to be; much in part down to the fact that working set hours is no longer such a common approach.

What this means is that people nowadays are less likely to return home from work at a set time, which would normally have given them more time to undertake evening bathing; such as taking a bath.

Nowadays, showering in the morning before work is something much more popular and it is as a result of this, which poses the question of whether or not a bathtub is really required in the bathroom?

For some, the question might seem preposterous, whereas others will no doubt give it serious consideration.


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