Get Creative

two white rolled towels in wicker basketSo as per the previous posts on this topic, we have already come to the conclusion that storing items in the bathroom is not necessarily an easy task; much in part due to the very nature of the activity conducted in the room.

And so as a result of this, it is the job of the homeowner to get creative in order to successfully store the various bathroom items in their possession.


Purchasing cabinets and vanity units has already been discussed in their respective sections of the site, yet there are other things that can be looked at as potential types of storage.

One of the key elements to all of this is to actually store items as part of a decoration. That might so a tad contradictory so let’s look into this further. Towels are one of the most common things that need storing in a bathroom, yet if there is no space in the cupboards or storage baskets, what can be done?

Well even if there is space in these locations, towels provide a great opportunity for storing as part of a decoration. You see this type of approach in various gymnasiums and showrooms where the towels are rolled up and placed on a shelf.

This enables both storage, but it also, more appropriately perhaps, provides a decoration to the bathroom. It is a simple solution, but one that it is extremely effective and continues with the theme that bathroom decoration should be simplicity at its best.

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