Getting Creative

Trendy modern bathroomWhen it comes to the festive period, it is fair to say that many additional accessories are used for replacement, decorative purposes.

So what does this mean for the regular items? Well, the obvious answer is that they require storage; if only for a maximum 4 week period.

When it comes to the bathroom area, however, normally it is the one part of a home that is not necessarily blossoming with spare space.

In fact, it could be argued that bathroom’s offer the least amount of storage space of any other part of the home.

The best option then is to get creative and make use of every single inch of possible space.

This might sound unconventional, but many homeowners are now using ceilings to create temporary storage areas in their bathrooms.

And whilst this certainly is slightly indifferent, it works wonders for the storing of items that will temporarily need to be removed from view; especially for the Christmas / festive period.

The great thing about temporary storage is that it is indeed temporary and so can be taken down along with any decorative accessories that are used to create a festive feel.

The key, as noted above, is to become creative, which is something we will be touching more upon in future posts.

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