Improving the Experience

Depositphotos_1304609_sBathing in the tub has long been recognised as the most common and popular form of relaxation in the bathroom.

In fact, you could probably go as far to say that this particular type of relaxing is one of, if not the most popular way that people unwind.

Bathing in hot, soapy water is definitely the way to go after a long hard day at the office, but there are a number of ways that can enhance the entire experience; and ways that don’t even cost a pretty penny.


Candles are a popular choice for offering an enhanced bathtub experience, as are scented bath salts and aromatherapy liquids; with the latter being responsible for a huge proportion of bathroom accessory sales in recent years.

But what else can be done to increase and further enhance an already relaxing and enjoyable experience? Low volume music is always a nice extra to have in place, as is some form of backlight at the other end of the bathroom (where possible as space can sometimes be rather tight).

The above doesn’t mean there are any real additional costs, but there are some options available that, if budget allowed, would drastically enhance the bathing experience.

The best and most popular one is investing in a jet tub, which produces its own bubbles and includes massaging jets that really produce a thorough and well respected water massage.

Unfortunately this option is not available to all, but it is certainly something worth consideration. There will be more on this topic in upcoming posts.

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