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Depositphotos_1644962_sWe thought that now would be a good time to talk about some of the latest additions to the toilet in terms of technologies.

The fact is that no longer is the toilet considered a basic device that serves only a very specific purpose.

The reality is that it is now very much part of the technological world thanks to a variety of new and innovative features and functions.


The heated seat has long been something that has been desired by many toilet users and there is now a whole host of options for this very option.

Many will no doubt agree that this particular functionality is something that should have been introduced a long time ago; such was its desirability.

Different heat levels can be selected on most models; with the cheaper devices allowing only one single setting. Given the very nature and functionality of a toilet, this particular upgrade is very much a welcomed one.

And this is even more so the case when temperatures drop at certain times of the year. As we all know and as we will have all experienced; using a toilet in cold conditions is not the most enjoyable of experiences!

It is fair to say then that the heated seat functionality is one that will certainly be well received and welcomed by the general public.

It is expected that the majority of toilets in ten years’ time will all be fitted with heated seats.

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