Lighting and Colour

bath room in the hotelAs has already been discussed in previous posts, the key to a vanity unit is the lighting that is projects.

After all, aside from being an important furniture fixture, one of the main reasons for such units is to take pride in physical appearance.

And good lighting certainly helps in this area! Some of the newer vanity units in today’s marketplace are introducing coloured lights, which certainly propels a whole new outlook on things.

But don’t expect these units to project green, yellow and red strobes as this is certainly not the case.

These coloured lights are much more subtle and provide a different approach to vanity unit lighting arrangements.

As opposed to them being different colours, it is more so that the opacity and strength of the light itself can be altered, which

effectively gives off a different shade of colour from the standard white light.

Of course when people think of coloured lighting their natural trait of thought is to think of actual different colours; as opposed to opacity and shade strength.

Nonetheless it seems that buyers have taken to the idea of installing such units in their bathrooms as they provide a new elegance to bathroom décor and style.

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