Making it Personal

1We have already established that the bathroom is now an area of the home that homeowners give serious consideration to when decorating.

Previously, however, as we discussed, this was not the case and more priority was given to other areas of the home such as the living room or kitchen.

And so nowadays, with the understanding that the bathroom is now a much more personal part of the home (in comparison to what it used

to be), there are a number of ways in which this can be achieved.

One of the most common and popular choices is to include family pictures and / or portraits, which provide a lovely bathroom accessory and decoration all in one.

Under normal circumstances such things are normally associated with, for example, the living room. However, as noted above and in previous posts, times have changed and the bathroom is now an area whereby such forms of decoration can be used.

And given the fact that simplicity is the key in terms of adding bathroom accessories, pictures and portraits certainly tick the box for this as they are very much a viable option.

We will be discussing other accessory options in future posts but it should be recognised just how much the suggestion given above, makes for a nice addition to any bathroom; especially if you are trying to create a similar vibe to other decorative areas of the house.


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