Many Popular Uses

in the mirrorThe topic of mirrors in the bathroom is a very intriguing one; mostly because of peoples view on how they are used.

Also intriguing is that the vast majority also view the only suitable location of a bathroom mirror to be on the wall.

This is of course not regarding portable mirrors, which is exactly what we want to speak about in this post.


The thing is that bathroom mirrors are not just limited to being stationed on a wall; most likely above the wash basin.

We have discussed briefly the difference between wall and portable mirrors and how they are used in the bathroom.

The main advantage of a portable device is the flexibility it brings for users; particularly those who undertake a variety of different bathroom activities.

It is now popular, for example, to have a portable mirror stored within the bathtub on a storage rack. Again, the reason for this is flexibility.

Other areas where mirrors can now be found are in the shower; although these are usually built into the unit.

If this is not the case, however, a portable device provides the perfect solution; as long as there is also a storage rack or a place to situate it.

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