More Counter Top Materials

Depositphotos_1707025_sOK so just to recap and summarise regarding bathroom counter top materials; granite is by far the most popular and perhaps the best all round choice for homeowners.

Wooden counter tops are less common, but they are still popular to certain bathroom designers; much in part due to the elegant and luxurious effects they can create.

They are, however, less durable than granite. In fact, wood is very much a lot less durable than granite. So what are the other alternatives?

Well one material that is becoming a little more popular these days is one that perhaps coincides with the bathroom industries’ task of becoming more economically friendly.

Recycled plastic is now an option for homeowners; something that perhaps was not so readily considered

prior to the eco-saving projects that have been in full force over the last few years.

So how does a plastic counter top perform? Well let’s start with the best part, the price, which is in most cases now the cheapest option for buyers.

After all, it is a recycled material and so it should be, right? Yes. So price is a big plus. Design-wise, it is probably fair to say that it is a little limited in some respects; perhaps more so to those homeowners who require more detailed designs and styles.

In terms of maintenance it is very good and very easy to clean. And in terms of efficiency and how long it will last, well this is equally impressive; although again if we are comparing, it is a material that still does not remotely compare to granite!

You might have guessed by now that granite is indeed the material of choice, and so unless you have some sort of drastic design requirements, it should definitely be your number 1 choice also.


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