More Features

toiletIn the previous post we discussed the heated toilet seat and how much of a welcomed addition it was to the bathroom area.

Continuing with the same theme, what other features are available for this device and how popular are they becoming?

One particular option that is now being offered to buyers is a built in MP3 player; something that is rather eccentric and a tad indifferent.

Oh and it also includes integrated speakers, which distribute the sound! Now this is something that can definitely not be classed as a necessity, but it is certainly something that creates an element of fun; especially during the toilet usage experience!

Apparently this feature was something that scored rather high among desirable toilet device suggestions from various surveys (undertaken by the general public).

This is understandable to a certain degree but for me personally, I would not have associated music with a toilet device?

Again, it all comes down to personal preference and certain bathroom owners might like the idea of listening to their favourite songs whilst sat on the toilet?!

Also, the fact that all of the MP3 features can be controlled by remote makes things extremely convenient and efficient. Now that is what you call easy access!

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