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Accessories to a bathroomThis is quite possibly one of the more enjoyable parts to writing about bathrooms; giving examples of things to buy! Let’s face it, everyone likes shopping, especially for the home!

In the previous post we discussed accessories for the bathtub as it was perhaps a good place to start. Here we will look at another important area, the shower, and see what kind of accessories can be purchased.


Unfortunately for the bathtub, given its very nature and sole function, there was not a great amount of items that could be bought to help increase its overall look and feel.

Of course there is more available than the single example we gave, but nonetheless, options are still limited. With the shower, however, a whole host of opportunities are presented to us.

Let us begin with looking at storage space. Depending on the type of shower in question, there are various different kinds of storage areas available to buyers.

First up is something very similar to the storage rack that we discussed in the earlier post; only this time, there is a bit more flexibility in the stylistic department! These range from screwed mounts to stick on flexible plastic.

They are also available in the standard flat panel or corner styles, which fit nice and snug into the corner of the shower; close enough for ease of access, but with enough space in between to keep things flexible.


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