More on Counter Tops

Depositphotos_24192487_sWith the importance and value of a good counter top now well and truly established, let’s look a little bit more into the different types of materials available and what really works best.

As noted in the previous post, a solid, robust, yet efficient counter top is very much required as it is an area that supports the wash basin in the more modernised bathrooms.

And as we know, this is an area of the bathroom that receives a regular and constant amount of

traffic. So what makes a good counter top?

Well we already know that the material is the most vital component so let’s start with that. Granite is, by far, the most efficient type of counter top material.

It is also now the most popular as chosen by bathroom designers and the general public.

In fact, such is its ability to provide a solid solution, it is also the choice of counter tops for other areas of the house; most notably the kitchen as it offers the same kind of characteristics in another area that is responsible for the majority of tasks, the sink.

There really are no downsides to granite other than its cost, which can, at times, be rather pricey if additional design elements are required.

Like lead is to the outdoors, granite is to inside of the house, expensive. However, for a long term placement like a wash basin in the bathroom or a sink in the kitchen, there really is no better solution; and it looks great as well.


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