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Toilet in luxury hotel roomWe have established then that cabinets are an excellent way to store items in the bathroom, and they can also be used to help provide a foundation for the overall d├ęcor of the room itself.

The different kinds of materials available were also highlighted and the growing popularity of bamboo cabinets was explained. But what other options are there for buyers in terms of the different styles?

Well in the majority of cases bathroom cabinets by their very nature, act much like a standard cupboard.

They have two front panel doors that are used to access the inside of the unit, and have a flat surface up top, which can be used for storing more decorative items such as pictures or delicate accessories.

Some come with one or more sliding drawers, although these are often rather small in width. However, whilst this may indeed be the case, many of these drawers are quite deep and so they provide ample space for storage.

The more modern bathroom cabinets, however, can also come with space-conscious drawers, which effectively slide out and then slide in another direction to form yet another shelf-like space.

These are very much like the sliding wardrobes that can be purchased for bedrooms and give a fan-like effect; which sees the drawers spread out to reveal more space.

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