More the Merrier

ToiletHaving more than one toilet in the home is something that was once considered to be a luxury.

Nowadays, however, it is looked on as being the norm; with more and more homeowners recognising that the need for privacy is become ever more apparent.

Some homes have multiple bathrooms, with the majority of these being as a result of the need for an additional toilet.

Quite often, additional toilets can be located on different floors of a house, which makes for ease of access and clearly gives the message that any downstairs toilets are to be used by guests.

This makes much more sense than the old conventional model, which would see guests being required to go upstairs to use the only toilet in the home.

As noted above, the need for privacy is become ever more apparent with homeowners.

Another popular way of adding a new toilet to the home is by creating an en-suite to the master bedroom; something that has certainly become extremely popular over the last few years, particular with the more modern homes.

This further increases privacy levels and is often an area only used by the owners of the house. The great thing about en-suite bathroom toilets is that they can be kept apart from other residents of the home including the kids!


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