New Styles

Modern white bathroom interior with jaccusiFor many years the design of the bathtub was rather stagnate. Bold, squared and rectangular with cornered edges, it is fair to say it was rather boring.

However, having long been established in the design department, naturally things have evolved.

The evolution began with experimental shapes being used for bathtub designs, which very much altered the general style of this piece of


Long gone were the days of standard tubs and it literally was a case of out with the old and in with the new as fresh and innovative shapes were introduced into the marketplace.

One of the most common and popular styles was the circular bathtub, which very much contributed and provided the foundation for many of the more eloquent designs now seen in many of the nations’ showrooms.

Circular tubs seem to have been popular thanks to their bigger size and perhaps, bigger convenience, as it enables more than one person to comfortably fit inside.

This was especially well received by families with children as it made bath time much easier and controllable. And not only that, but circular tubs seemed to just appear easier on the eye?

Maybe this is due to the fact that the rectangle design had long been deemed the only option available and so buyers were now warming to the idea of anything but the same style?

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