Old or New

bathroomMany of today’s modern homes have bathroom mirrors that are very much in fashion.

The most common example to use is mirrors that have built in lights and therefore provide a double solution.

Of course this means that as well as providing the use of an actual mirror, the back light can also be used as opposed to, or in conjunction with, a regular light.

But what other benefits do these new types of mirrors have on the bathroom?

Well the answer is that it very much depends on what it is being compared against.


For example, the older mirrors were quite often part of a bigger vanity unit, which could take up quite a lot of space.

Given that the bathroom is not always the most spacious of rooms, every inch is vital, and so thee vanity units were often an unwelcomed unit addition.

So the obvious answer is that the newer style of mirrors with a built in light are also conservative in that they are much more beneficial as far as saving space is concerned.

Another thing is that they generally look nicer, taste dependant of course, but it is fair to say that the more modern approach is certainly to the liking of the modern homeowner.

Price wise there are also benefits because there is less materials used when compared to a vanity unit.

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