Pros and Cons

Depositphotos_1935302_sWe thought that a little bit of fun was in order for this post and so came up with the idea of a quick and snappy summary of using a shower.

OK so what are the pros? Let’s start with something that is ultimately the most popular reason for taking a shower; convenience.

Yes its true, the convenience provided by using this particular bathing method really is like no other and is what makes a shower such a popular choice among homeowners and bathroom manufacturers.

Next up is efficiency. Showers provide a great and efficient bathing system as the user is ultimately the one on control of being able to manoeuvre and clean all body parts.

This cannot be said for other bathing solutions such as using the bathtub. What about the cons regarding taking a shower. Are there really any cons whatsoever?

Well some might say they don’t give the all-round relaxation factor that taking a bath provides, which is possibly a fair comment.

Aside from that, however, the only con is once the showering is actually complete and it is time to go! Of course this is only a personal opinion but one that I feel many will share!

To summarise, the shower is an extremely convenient method of bathing, which is why so many bathroom manufacturers continue to invest in producing even more advanced functionalities.

And whilst this is still the case, homeowners will continue to purchase.


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