Simple Installation

Depositphotos_45002935_sWhen it comes to installing items in the bathroom, one would assume that a plumber be required.

After all, with the amount of pipes and such, this is surely the natural assumption?

Simply put, the answer is yes, in most cases, a plumber would be required to install things such as a bathtub, shower and/or wash basin.

However, this is not necessarily the case for replacing units such as the toilet.

In fact, the replacement of a toilet unit is relatively easy to do; even for those not technically gifted or DIY savvy.

The great thing with a replacement is that the plumbing work has already been setup, which means only the removal of the existing toilet and replacing it with a new one is required.

To some this may still seem a lot of work but the reality is that is isn’t. In fact, a replacement toilet can be completely installed in less than five minutes if done correctly.

It really is a case of simply removing the existing unit, which can be a slight struggle depending on how will it has been installed.

And then replacing it with the new unit by setting the base into some pre-set wax; available from most DIY stores at a next to no cost.

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