Sizing and Position

Bathroom Interior with wash-standMirrors make for excellent accessories for any room, but they are very much recognised for their presence in the bathroom.

After all, this is the area of vanity and where personal body maintenance takes place. So it is kind of appropriate that bathroom mirrors do what they do, but let’s not forget that they can also be used to improve the look and feel of any given wall or area.

Some homeowners prefer to have one, main mirror that provides a focal point for the bathroom. This is usually positioned in an extremely prominent way in order for it to gain the full attention of those within the area.

Others prefer to adopt a slightly more discreet approach by positioning the mirror in less prominent positions in order to not create an overwhelming presence.

When this approach is used, it can also often lead to numerous mirrors being purchased; and all of differing sizes and styles.

This then completely takes away the attention from any given unit and instead, enables users of the bathroom to pick and choose when they want to use one for themselves.

Of course this is in total contrast to the option highlighted earlier in the post, which would give people no choice but to see themselves, regardless of their appearance and form!

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