Taking Advantage of Technology

Hydromassage bathroomIf there is one area that has helped bathrooms increase their popularity in the home, it is surely the advancements made in technology.

Certainly bathroom manufacturers have taken full advantage of the newly opened avenues, which has enabled them to truly increase their product desirability; perhaps more so than any other area of the home.

Using the shower as an example, some of the technologies now equipped into certain models

and designs, is literally borderline ridiculous!

There are some shower units now available for purchase that looks like they have just landed from the future; such is their appearance and the gadgetry within.

Bathroom manufacturers have certainly wasted no time in taking absolute full advantage of technology and have transformed the entire industry with the introduction of new products including showers, bathtubs, wash basins and general bathroom accessories.

Some examples for shower units include integrated radios, television sets, multiple shower head controls, touch screen panels, plus much more.

We will be taking a closer look into each of these and highlighted some of the more, politely put, extravagant options now available for purchase. Whatever happened to a single shower head positioned above the bathtub?!


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