The Small Things

Trendy modern bathroomWhen adding to the decoration of a bathroom there are many different options available; some of which can be quite costly, and others that are less harsh on your pocket.

For the purpose of this post we are going to concentrate solely on the latter, which means we will be looking at ways to improve a bathroom’s design, without it hitting your wallet.

So what can be done? Well when looking at the smaller things, the smaller accessories, a good place to start is to purchase a matching soap dispenser, dish and toothbrush holder.

Just by having these 3 items matching will make a massive difference. Even better is that to do

this would literally cost next to nothing and it’s not as if expensive materials needs to be chosen.

So if you are on a budget really is no need for porcelain and the like! Instead, a nice, firm glass set will suffice; but it is maybe advisable to stay away from plastic.

Another way to improve the look and feel of your bathroom by way of adding small accessories is to update the towel rack and toilet paper holder.

Again these should be a matching set and they should also be quite inexpensive to purchase.

Already by acquiring each of the above, your bathroom will have been improved greatly; and that’s without any major purchases.

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