Tiles and Marble

Bathroom interiorOK so we have clearly established that the bathroom is very much the one area of the home that receives the least amount of volunteers when it comes to cleaning!

However, it is not all doom and gloom, and it does not have to be so difficult each and every time cleaning is required.

Let’s put to one side the cleaning of the toilet, wash basin, bathtub and shower areas for a moment.

And instead, let’s concentrate on the cleansing of the wall tiles and / or marble.

For this type of bathroom cleaning, it’s certainly not all doom and gloom, which is much in part down due to the fact that less germs and grime are present; unlike with the toilet and other areas where this represents the majority of the cleaning requirements.

Often, a simple wipe of the surface using a warm cloth with a soap cleaning solution will be suffice, which therefore also removes the need to use hardened cleansers that contain more hazardous ingredients.

So for those sensitive to this kind of thing, it is yet another advantage. And finally, the time it takes to clean wall tiles and / or marble is minimal compared to other areas of the bathroom.

So overall, it is clear to see how not all bathroom cleaning is to be feared!

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