Using Baskets

Depositphotos_4853010_sThe issue with storing items in the bathroom has already been discussed.

But to recap; the main reason why storage becomes something of an issue is simply as a result of water.

Water is so prominently used in the bathroom that it means free space is required so as not to clutter the surrounding area.

Storing bathroom items using shelves has been highlighted to be one of the better ways of getting around this, but what else is available?

One of the more popular options that homeowners now choose is wooden baskets. These are often quite deep, which means many regular bathroom items can be stored within.

They also offer a resistance to any splashed water, which is always the concern in this part of the house. Their main asset, however, aside from storage, is that they are very easy on the eye and actually provide a very nice decoration.

Quite often buyers purchase the same styled baskets in different sizes and position them in different locations around the bathroom.

This creates something of a design and very much improves the overall look of the room itself. Again when it comes to the bathroom, it is a case of being practical, whilst combining another element at the same time.

And in this case it is combining the important area of storing items, with a little design spark.


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